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4th Quarter Blues

September 19, 2017

4th Quarter Blues

The end of the year is soon around the corner and we love the fall! The color changes, the smells, cooler temperatures, and the great outdoors. The threat of winter storms, ice, and slip sliding away, isn’t so good.

We can easily forget about stuff when the holidays are at hand. Don’t let your HSA (health care account) be one of them. There is 3 months left to use it, or lose it.

Don’t lose it and wait till the very end when the landslide begins. Everyone is trying to get in at the end. We have three months and those days will fill up fast.

Right now new patients will receive a 20% rebate on all out of pocket expenses; a little extra holiday dollars back to you. Don’t forget if you are out of dollars (insurance and HSA) we can set you up for the 1st of the year with the same offer to new patients.

Don’t forget! Now’s the time to act! Let our staff at Valley Dental Care help you today!


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