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Today’s View on Extracting Wisdom Teeth

August 29, 2018

Typically, wisdom teeth are recommended to extract between the ages of 16-18, depending on where the teeth are in development. At this stage of growth, the crowns are completely formed, and the roots are incompletely formed, making it easier to remove. Stages of development can differ greatly between patients; therefore, we have to monitor it with panoramic x-rays, which gives us a full picture of the upper and lower jaw, the position of all the teeth, and structure of the supporting bone. From the panoramic x-ray, the Dr. Can tell if it is good timing to extract.   For patients taking the wisdom teeth out after age 18, extractions may require more surgical involvement.   Healing post-surgery is variable. Individuals heal and sense pain differently. It is critical that post-operative instructions be followed to improve healing time and reduce pain. Usually, anti-inflammatories like ibuprofen are oftentimes enough to manage pain. For more severe cases a narcotic may be prescribed, which the patient would be unable to drive or operate machinery.   Dry sockets occur when the soft tissue fails to heal over the boney socket left after the extraction. Several things can cause this but number one is smoking. The heat and smoke make it hard for the soft tissue to heal over the bone. When the vital bone is exposed in the oral cavity it becomes infected leading to a “dry socket”. Treatment for dry-socket is packing dry-socket paste on a sterile strip of gauze into the extraction site. This packing needs to be done each day for 3-5 days. Relief is usually felt on day one.   The best way to treat dry-sockets is to avoid it by following all post-operative instructions.

Dental Estimates

May 2, 2018

Dental Estimates Oftentimes, we will get phone calls asking for estimates on dental procedures. This is impossible to accomplish without having the patient in the office and having relevant x-rays. Every phase of treatment from fillings, crowns, dentures, periodontal, and oral surgery has to be customized to a specific diagnosis. Fillings can be one surface, two surfaces, three surfaces, or more. The filling materials used could be different as well, each having pros and cons. The dentist can help make decisions based on outlook and costs as well as presenting various treatment options. Also, insurance companies have their own fee schedules and limitations based on what will be covered. Crowns and dentures vary as well as the size, materials, and design. Throw implants in, and it gets really complicated. Extractions vary in expense based on the amount of surgery needed to remove a tooth, or root-tip, or both.  Also, a thorough medical history needs to be completed to ensure a safe environment for any surgical procedure. Periodontal treatment can be as simple as a cleaning, or more involved with scaling and root planning. Also, the number of quadrants involved and frequency of visits affect the cost. These decisions can only be made by a comprehensive exam and x-rays. In conclusion, an accurate estimate requires a comprehensive exam, x-rays, and a proper diagnosis. Then it requires the dentist to establish treatment plan options and education so the patient can make the right choice.

4th Quarter Blues

September 19, 2017

4th Quarter Blues The end of the year is soon around the corner and we love the fall! The color changes, the smells, cooler temperatures, and the great outdoors. The threat of winter storms, ice, and slip sliding away, isn’t so good. We can easily forget about stuff when the holidays are at hand. Don’t let your HSA (health care account) be one of them. There is 3 months left to use it, or lose it. Don’t lose it and wait till the very end when the landslide begins. Everyone is trying to get in at the end. We have three months and those days will fill up fast. Right now new patients will receive a 20% rebate on all out of pocket expenses; a little extra holiday dollars back to you. Don’t forget if you are out of dollars (insurance and HSA) we can set you up for the 1st of the year with the same offer to new patients. Don’t forget! Now’s the time to act! Let our staff at Valley Dental Care help you today!  

“How We Knock Your Socks Off”

July 27, 2017

“How We Knock Your Socks Off” When you walk in the door you will feel, and you will know, we are at your service! Welcome to Valley Dental Care! What Can We Do For You? What separates us from other offices is that we are smaller, more personal; we have time to listen and 30 years of expertise to give the answers. We are kind, gentle, and sympathetic to the services our patients request. In network for almost all insurance policies, we can customize each dental plan to work at its highest level. With comfort and care, we treat all ages from little kids to aging adults. Our technology and experience make for the safest, cleanest environment possible. So come on in, have a cup of coffee and see what we can do for you!

The Toy Department

The Toy Department Our newest arrival is an electric hand piece. Made in Switzerland across from the Rolex watch company, it is built with precision and detail from mechanics that are second to none. An average high-speed hand piece today will go 40,000 RPM’s, that’s fast! This new Bien Air electric high speed hand piece will go 200,000 RPM’s with virtually no vibration what so ever, practically light speed. We can work faster more precise with much less sensation. In addition, it is quieter; less noise pollution for the operator is huge to reduce day to day noise damage. For the patients, it means higher quality and safer treatment in the future.

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