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Dental Estimates

May 2, 2018

Dental Estimates

Oftentimes, we will get phone calls asking for estimates on dental procedures. This is impossible to accomplish without having the patient in the office and having relevant x-rays.

Every phase of treatment from fillings, crowns, dentures, periodontal, and oral surgery has to be customized to a specific diagnosis.

Fillings can be one surface, two surfaces, three surfaces, or more. The filling materials used could be different as well, each having pros and cons. The dentist can help make decisions based on outlook and costs as well as presenting various treatment options. Also, insurance companies have their own fee schedules and limitations based on what will be covered.

Crowns and dentures vary as well as the size, materials, and design. Throw implants in, and it gets really complicated.

Extractions vary in expense based on the amount of surgery needed to remove a tooth, or root-tip, or both.  Also, a thorough medical history needs to be completed to ensure a safe environment for any surgical procedure.

Periodontal treatment can be as simple as a cleaning, or more involved with scaling and root planning. Also, the number of quadrants involved and frequency of visits affect the cost. These decisions can only be made by a comprehensive exam and x-rays.

In conclusion, an accurate estimate requires a comprehensive exam, x-rays, and a proper diagnosis. Then it requires the dentist to establish treatment plan options and education so the patient can make the right choice.

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